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Wilco - NPR Tiny Desk Concert (2016)

Wilco - NPR Tiny Desk Concert (2016)

Wilco's first NPR Tiny Desk concert is one of the most popular posts on Extra Chill, and for good reason. This morning, NPR released Wilco's second NPR Tiny Desk concert, and it's just as good, if not better, than the first. In this video, we hear Wilco playing a stripped-down acoustic set featuring three classics and a song off their 2015 album, Star Wars.

There have been so many great NPR Tiny Desk concerts, and Wilco is the first band to have two of them. It's gotta be tough to play a quality set in an office setting, but Wilco nailed it both times. This time, instead of a desk and some pens, they actually brought a full drum kit, giving them more of a full sound. Enjoy.

1. "The Joke Explained"
2. "Misunderstood"
3. "I'm Always In Love"
4. "Shot In The Arm"

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