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The Arcs - Stay In My Corner (NPR Front Row Series)

The Arcs - Stay In My Corner (Live on NPR)

The Arcs originally started as a side project for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, releasing their album Yours, Dreamily on September 14th, 2015. The album is cool, but "Stay In My Corner" is the star for me. At this point it's not clear whether this band will remain a side project, considering they're set to play at Coachella 2016, and The Black Keys aren't. That's not to say that The Black Keys are broken up, but Auerbach and The Arcs are set to play a series of concerts in 2016, and as of yet The Black Keys have nothing scheduled.

I'm looking forward to more music from The Arcs in the future, but for now enjoy this performance of "Stay In My Corner" on NPR's Front Row Series. The full set is also on Youtube.

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