Photographer Nick Bruno's Feature On Daily Vice Is Awesome - Extra Chill


Photographer Nick Bruno's Feature On Daily Vice Is Awesome

Sleep Paralysis & Photography - Daily Vice Feature on Nick Bruno

My old buddy Nick Bruno has been doing some sweet photography work for a few years now, and this morning he was featured on Daily Vice. The video is really cool, and I'm glad to hear that he's getting the exposure he deserves. His work is inspired by a crippling case of sleep paralysis, which leads him to produce some really dark and eerie photography.

In this video, Bruno tells about his sleep paralysis and how it led him into the world of art, and more specifically surreal photography. He also describes a bit of his creative process, including a new idea that he was currently working on. He takes the Daily Vice team with him to a pond where he shoots a new image exclusively for the feature. I've included that image below, taken from his Facebook Page.

I've also included a few of my favorite Nick Bruno photos below. All the images you see were taken directly from his website, You should also follow him on Instagram and give his Facebook Page a like.

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