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Modest Mouse Has Only Played "Edit The Sad Parts" Live Once

Modest Mouse - Edit The Sad Parts

Today I was listening to "Edit The Sad Parts" by Modest Mouse and decided to look for a video of them playing it live, but wasn't having any luck. Turns out that Modest Mouse has only performed "Edit The Sad Parts" live one time, at the Radio House in Seattle on January 22nd, 1995. No known video exists from that show, nor does any other performance of it exist anywhere on the internet.

There is a live version of "Edit The Sad Parts" on Interstate 8, which I would assume was recorded at the Seattle show. I did some digging to find out why they have only played it once, but I wasn't able to come up with any answers. Maybe they're saving it for some special occasion, or something.

I've got tickets to see Brand New and Modest Mouse at Madison Square Garden in July, and hopefully they decide to throw "Edit The Sad Parts" in that setlist. If they do, I declare it my personal mission to record a video and put it on Youtube.

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