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Mac Miller - Stopped Making Excuses (Mini Documentary)

Mac Miller - Stopped Making Excuses (Documentary)

Mac Miller did a little documentary with The Fader titled Stopped Making Excuses in which he talks about what it was like to achieve success in the hip hop world. He touches on his drug use and talks about how he has come out on the other side, although he still likes to get messed up every now and then. I was actually surprised at the maturity Mac showed in this, and it seems that he's headed in a positive direction.

There is a lot of interesting footage in there, including a scene where French Montana basically tells him that he needs to chill with the codeine. I've been listening to Mac Miller ever since the K.I.D.S. era, and although he lost me for a while his new album GO:OD AM is actually pretty cool. Watching this makes me want to go back and give his drug-addled music another chance.

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