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Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray (Full Album)

Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray (Album Stream)

Envy On The Coast was a post-hardcore band from Long Island, New York. I had the chance to see them a couple of times before they broke up, including at what was supposed to be their last show, but since it was so awesome they added another night which unfortunately I did not attend. Anyway, their first album, Lucy Gray, is one of my favorite albums of all time, and it's streaming above. Envy On The Coast also came out with a second album called Lowcountry, which I don't like as much but it's still worth checking out.

As a bonus, I've added a few videos from their final show at Irving Plaza in New York City below. The second to last show took place on 8/28/10, and the actual last show was 8/29/10. These videos bring out some serious feels, especially that last one, when they covered Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone and then played "Starving Your Friends" for the last time ever. The energy in that crowd is awesome, and this band is truly missed.

Envy On The Coast - Mirrors (Last Show Ever)

Envy On The Coast - Green Eyes Don't Lie (Last Show Ever)

Envy On The Coast - Like A Rolling Stone / Starving Your Friends

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