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Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game

Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game

One night my friends and I were sitting around drinking and watching Cutthroat Kitchen, and we decided to invent a drinking game. My buddy Sgueglia was smart enough to write the whole thing down and kind enough to let me post it on Extra Chill. If you haven't seen Cutthroat Kitchen, as of right now you can find it on Netflix. 

Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game Rules

‐ All players must bid on a contestant to win the competition in the beginning after watching all their bios.

­‐ Bid swigs on which contestant goes home every round. If you win you give a drink if you lose you take a drink.

‐ If your contestant is eliminated you must drink, then you automatically gain the least favored contestant as your new contestant in order to continue playing.

‐ For every sabotage presented by Alton Brown, everyone takes a drink.

‐  Every time Alton laughs everyone takes a drink.

‐ Every life reference by a contestant, everyone drinks (ex. If they’re from the south and say “we make it like this in the south”/for my son/as a child etc).

­‐  Every time a contestant says the word “deconstructed” everyone takes 3 drinks.

­‐  Every time a player says something like “that looks dank/good/delicious etc.” everyone drinks.

‐ If your contestant forgets an important item, you drink.

‐ If your contestant gets stuck in the pantry, finish your beer.

­‐ If your contestant receives a sabotage, take a drink.

‐ Every commercial break, everyone takes a drink.

‐ When your contestant is being judged, if the judge compliments the dish, you give a drink.

‐  When your contestant is being judged, if the judge shits on the dish, you take a drink.

­‐  If your contestant uses a cheesy accent or pronunciation when describing their dish, drink.

‐ If your contestant comes in last during the race to the pantry, take a drink.

‐  Every time Sriracha is used, everybody drinks.

‐ If your contestant acts like a douche, take a drink (at the discretion of the other players).

So there you have it - The Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game. Remember, this game results in heavy consumption of alcohol which may or may not lead to poor decisions. Tell your story in the comments.

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