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Built To Spill - Live on KEXP Radio (July 2015)

Built To Spill - Live on KEXP

Here's a band that I got into about a year ago: Built To Spill, performing live on KEXP. I had the chance to see this band last year at Shaky Knees and it was an incredible performance. In this video you'll see them play three songs off their newest album, Untethered Moon, and then a classic from their 1994 album There's Nothing Wrong With Love.

Built To Spill was one of the biggest influences for Issac Brock of Modest Mouse, and you can definitely hear that when listening to them. A lot of their songs sound very similar to Modest Mouse songs, in the best way possible.

1. "So"
2. "Never Be The Same"
3. "Living Zoo"
4. "Stab"

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