Ben Kweller - Falling (Live Great Escape Fest 2012) - Extra Chill


Ben Kweller - Falling (Live Great Escape Fest 2012)

Ben Kweller - Falling (Beatcast Live Series)

Not many people have heard of Ben Kweller, and I'd think it's mostly because he's in the underground indie solo artist category. That being said, "Falling" by Ben Kweller is such a chill song. The first exposure I had to this song was when Asher Roth sampled it on his song "Fallin'" for his Asleep In The Bread Aisle album. For some reason it never clicked with me that it was sampled until I heard Kweller's original.

Anyway, this live version of "Falling" is great, and if you like it you should definitely check out more from Ben Kweller. His 2002 album Sha Sha is incredible, and worth listening to for any fan of indie rock.

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