Mac Demarco - Live on KEXP Radio April 2015 - Extra Chill


Mac Demarco - Live on KEXP Radio April 2015

Mac Demarco - Live on KEXP (4/23/15)

Here's another video from KEXP radio, this time featuring none other than Mac Demarco. I was lucky enough to see him play at Shaky Knees Festival last year, and his on-stage antics were equally as entertaining as the music itself. The guy is arguably as funny as Blink-182, which is saying something. At one point during the show, he sat down on the stage and tuned his guitar while his bassist stood up on an amp and launched into a cover of "Yellow" by Coldplay. Anyway, this video is hilarious, and the music is great too.


1. "Salad Days"
2. "Let Her Go"
3. "Chamber of Reflection"
4. "Together"

As a bonus, here's the video of their "Yellow" cover at Shaky Knees:

Mac Demarco - Yellow (Shaky Knees 2015)

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