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Houndmouth - Live on KEXP Radio June 2015

Houndmouth - Live on KEXP Seattle (6/20/15)

These Live on KEXP videos are great, although I will say the interviewer in this video is not the same as most of the other ones, and she isn't very good, but the music is worth the crappy interview. Here we have Houndmouth, a band from Indiana that I've been really getting into lately. Definitely excited to see them at both the Charleston Music Hall in April and at Shaky Knees in May. Their newest album, Little Neon Limelight is awesome and I've had it on repeat for the past month or so. The best thing is, Houndmouth is just getting started, and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more from them in the future.

Also, they absolutely rock that cover of "Runaround Sue".


1. "Sedona"
2. "Darlin'"
3. "My Cousin Greg"
4. "Runaround Sue"

There are a lot more videos that I like from KEXP Radio, so you can expect to see them posted up here in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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