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Dylan Owen's Album "There's More To Life" Is Pure Genius

A lot of people have never heard of Dylan Owen, and it's probably because his style is so much different from the mainstream. He's an incredibly talented rap artist from New York, but I like to think of him as more of a poet than a rapper. The dude dropped out of Cornell University in 2011 and moved to New York City to make music. The first song I ever heard from him was "The Book Report". When I first heard that song I was both impressed and inspired by the lyrics. It's a great feeling to find yourself relating to lyrics on a deeper level than just sex or drugs.

Last year, he came out with a new album called There's More To Life, and I've been playing it over and over again ever since. The lyricism is worlds better than you'll find in most modern hip-hop, with themes of growing up and figuring out your direction in the world instead of basic songs about money, women, and weed. Dylan Owen's music has always been deep, but I think this album is on another level than the rest of his stuff.

Here's a Soundcloud stream of Dylan Owen's There's More To Life. If you like it, I also recommend his other project, Keep Your Friends Close.

Dylan Owen - There's More To Life (Album Stream)

I'm also pleased to hear that Dylan Owen is going on his first tour this Spring. If you live anywhere near one of the stops I seriously urge you to go see him. I've included a copy of the tour poster below.

Get tickets: www.dylanowenmusic.com/tour

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