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Mindful Spirits by Cold Creeks (Album Review and Stream)

Cold Creeks is an indie rock band from Mount Juliet, TN consisting of Caleb Jones on bass, Pearl Stewart on drums, and Brandon Murphy on guitar/vocals. I met bass player Caleb Jones back in May during Mac Demarco's set at Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. We got to talking and he told me he was in a band that was influenced by Modest Mouse and Brand New. He gave me his information on a folded piece of paper and it went into my wallet where it sat for two months. The other day I found that piece of paper with Cold Creeks written on it, so I looked them up. Their EP, Mindful Spirits was released in March and I gave it a listen. You can definitely hear the influence that Caleb spoke of. I thought it sounded like an awesome blend of Manchester Orchestra and Bright Eyes. Check it out!

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cold-creeks
Facebook: facebook.com/coldcreeksmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/cold_creeks
Twitter: twitter.com/ColdCreeks

As a bonus, here's a video of them playing a new song called Gypsy Girl on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel in Nashville, TN just a few days ago:

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