Happy 4th of July from Extra Chill! - Extra Chill


Happy 4th of July from Extra Chill!

Happy Independence Day from Long Island, New York! I don't see any British up here but I hope all is well down south. Rumor has it that they are waiting for the perfect time to re-colonize America. If we aren't careful, that time will come sooner than we think. Contrary to popular belief, hate is not the answer for this country. Think about it this way: if we don't blow ourselves up, one day our ancestors will look back and laugh at our stupidity. I am a firm believer in life on other planets, and once we find it the social issues on Earth will seem miniscule in comparison to the society of the entire universe. When three-headed talking birds from Mars are live on CNN, it will be plain to see that we are one human race regardless of our nationalities. Enjoy your holiday!

I'm out of town visiting my family until Tuesday, July 7th, but when I'm back there are some big things I plan to do with this site. It's been up for a few years now but I never really made anything of it. Now that I've graduated I want to take this thing in a new direction. As some of you may have noticed, I have added the new Submit to Extra Chill page. I'm trying to start promoting underground  music and art. There is a ton of talent that deserves to be discovered, and Extra Chill is here to showcase that talent.

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