Chris Boone - Whiskey Truth & Lies (Album Review and Stream) - Extra Chill


Chris Boone - Whiskey Truth & Lies (Album Review and Stream)

Chris Boone is a singer/songwriter from Charleston, SC who plays acoustic folk with a bit of harmonica to spice things up. The harmonica is one of my favorite instruments, so naturally I was excited to listen to his newest album, Whiskey Truth & Lies. I was thoroughly impressed. Boone released this album in February and has since been playing a bunch of shows in the South Carolina area. His tour will continue through the end of the summer. Whiskey Truth & Lies sports a bit of introspective lyrics to give it an extra layer of depth, but the introspection doesn't take away from the overall chill factor. This is anytime music. Give it a listen!

Chris Boone - In The Valley Below (Live)

Chris Boone - Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)

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