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Shoeless (Short Story)

There was the one who never wore shoes. Always barefoot, leaving his tracks behind him. He never told anybody why he didn't wear shoes, we were all just left to guess. This guessing, it drove us mad. We got into arguments over it. Bar fights, even. None of us were dumb enough to fight sober, but we didn't spend much time sober either.

He walked around the whole town without shoes. Even when it rained, he didn't wear shoes. We asked him every single day why he didn't wear shoes, and he ignored us. We could talk with him about other things, but not his shoes.

They all hated him, but me, I saw things in another light. I was intrigued, while the others were jealous. Everybody wore shoes. He chose not to wear shoes. One day we asked him and he reacted differently than usual. He went red in the face, and said "Because I don't want to."

The whole room went silent, he turned and left. The next day, somebody shot him dead in the street. I went to his funeral, we all did. There were shiny new shoes on his feet when they closed the casket.

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