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Subtance Abuse In Cats (Short Story)

Substance Abuse in Cats 

I went out the front door, just like any other day. They usually let me out at night when I sit near the door, and that’s exactly what they did tonight. I didn’t notice anything weird, except that the house was more neat and organized than ever before. I thought maybe they decided to get their lives together or something. Oh, how wrong I was. I had the most ridiculous night of my life, and now I’m just utterly confused.

After a little aimless wandering, I found myself on the trail of a huge rat. The sounds it was making told me it was a big and juicy one. Sneakily up the tree I climbed, with a quick hop over to the roof. I could see the rat from there, and I was detected. The rat made a dash for the power lines, and I knew it was my legs against his. I gained on him as he neared the edge of the roof, sinking my claws in just before he got away. He put up a good fight, but his small claws were no match for my well-focused hunting skills. 

I grabbed the rat and made my way off the roof with confidence. I made my usual strut toward the porch to show off my catch, but as I got closer I noticed something alarming. I stopped in the shadow of a bush to remain hidden from the unrecognized people I saw on the porch. There was a steady roar coming from inside, and the people on the porch stood with these little white sticks in their hands. They put the sticks in their mouths and took deep breaths, causing the end of the stick to light up, then they blew clouds into the sky. The cloud sticks got smaller in their hands until they threw them to the ground and walked inside.

Once the stick people were inside, I thought my route was clear. I crept over to the porch and found a good spot to start my feast. I was just getting through the skin, when the door opened, and more stick people came out. At first I went unnoticed while they passed around the fire maker and lit up the sticks. Their sticks shrank in their hands as they sent foul smelling clouds soaring high into the night sky, talking and laughing. I didn’t think they would see me, so I kept eating the rat with pleasure.

They saw me. They made a huge deal out it too, getting all excited watching me eat my dinner. I thought they might want me to give them some of it. I didn’t want to share my rat with them, because I worked really hard to catch it. I continued to eat as fast as I could, but they had these horrifying devices that flashed bright lights at me. They stood in a circle, flashing their lights one by one. It was terrible. The lights were so bright, I couldn’t take any more of it. I dropped my half-eaten rat and bolted for the open door. 

There were more people inside, and I  didn’t know any of them. I thought I was startled by the stick people and their flashing lights, but these people were all wobbling around and being rowdy, scaring me even more. I was looking for the ones who sleep in the house, who play with me, and feed me. They are my friends. I kept real close to the wall, frantically squirming to avoid the ones who tried to touch me as I made my way around the corner. I was headed toward my favorite room, where they keep my food and water bowls.

I got into the room and was disappointed by the scene. There were people on my favorite spot on my favorite couch, taking up all the good space. I couldn’t curl up in my nice spot, with the nice view out the window. One of my friends who sleeps in the house sat on the couch with a few strangers. As I hopped up on top of the couch and approached my friend, I noticed that these people had a stick too, except this one was different. It was brown, and they passed that one stick around, blowing out thick clouds. These clouds smelled a lot better than the other ones, and my friend watched me I crept closer to where he was seated on the couch. I sat down right next to him. Then he took the brown cloud stick, sucked in through it, and blew a cloud right into my face!

After inhaling that cloud, my night stopped making sense. I struggled to catch my breath as I jumped off the couch and got as far away from the cloud stick people as I could. I didn’t want them to blow another cloud in my face. I watched strange faces came in and out of the house as I walked around, looking for a safe place to hide. Then I saw something that might have changed me forever. 

There was a pleasantly bright light at the end of the long hallway. A beautiful young female of my species appeared in the doorway, the light behind her creating an attractive silhouette. I walked down the hall while the flirty feline seduced me into approaching. The light grew ever brighter as I got closer to the source of this irresistible amazement. Just as my nose was about to brush up against hers, the bright light disappeared, and she vanished. The light that she stood before was now just a crack in an open door, and there was a loud noise coming from the other side.

I pushed my way through the door that now stood where she once was, looking for some answers. I could have sworn she felt the same way about me, but now she was gone before I even got the chance to meet her. This was the girl cat of my dreams. I walked into the room and found not the beauty that I sought but two humans doing weird things. One of them is my friend, he usually sleeps in the room. He was behind a girl human who I had never seen before. This surprised me so much, that the only thing I could do at the time was sprint straight for under the bed. 

Running under the bed proved to be a terrible idea. The bed was shaking so much, I thought I might die if it collapsed on me. The two were really making a whole lot of noise. They seemed to be competing with the creaking of the bed, in a game of “who’s louder?”. I was so scared that I accidentally let out a nervous purr, causing them to stop and talk to each other in a confused tone. That’s when I scrambled for the door. I had to get out of there, I couldn’t take it any more.

I still wanted to find the cat I fell in love with there in that long hallway. I stood there for a moment right outside the door, wondering where she could have gone. When  I started thinking about going to look for her, she majestically appeared at the other end of the hall. I felt the tension when our eyes connected, and that’s when she swiftly turned the corner. I followed her through an even denser crowd of unfamiliar faces than before, and into the kitchen. 

She led me all the way to a giant metal fountain in the overpopulated kitchen. This was the first time I had seen a fountain like this. She ran straight into the fountain, disappearing inside of it. I did a loop around to see if she had gone through, but she was not on the other side. I thought she must have gotten stuck on the inside of the fountain. I took a step back for a better look at this contraption that stood before me.

The fountain was in a bucket of ice, and surrounded by people. The people all had cups in their hands, taking turns filling them using a black tube that came out of the top of the fountain. One person finished filling his cup and then turned around and bumped into another person holding a full cup. Both of their cups fell, sending a waterfall of the fountain liquid towards me, splashing some on my coat and leaving a curious-looking puddle on the floor.

I approached the puddle without so much as looking around me. If my lady friend was in the fountain, then the stuff coming out of it had to be good, right? I took a few tastes from the puddle. I liked the taste, and the smooth burn I felt as it slid into my stomach was soothing. I would have drank the whole puddle if the people who created the puddle didn’t get into a fight. I looked up to see one of them get pushed into the wall. He bounced back, punching the other one hard in the face. The other one fell to the ground right in front of me. Then, my feline female popped out of the side of the keg and ran off. I followed her, of course.

Running off usually doesn’t cause me any problems, but this time was very different. I struggled to follow her swerving path through the innumerable amount of people in the house. I could barely walk, yet she was trotting along gracefully. I wobbled behind her, bumping into chairs and people’s legs along the way. I wished she would just make it easy for me. I followed her with great difficulty, until she walked straight through the closed front door. I thought maybe I could go through too, but in leaping for the door I painfully bumped my head at full speed.

Some humans outside must have heard my head slamming into the door, because they opened it and looked at me with puzzled expressions. I was feeling a little dizzy, but I could see my girl standing out on that porch. I went out, she went down the stairs and headed for the street. I followed her under the night sky until we reached a dock in the neighborhood. I followed her out onto the dock. 

The dock was lined with cats standing proudly, watching the two of us as we walked toward the end of the dock. The water around us glistened with hints of the coming sunrise. We got out to the end and she just stared off toward the glowing horizon. I looked behind me, the proud cats stood side by side, staring off toward the distance. 

I directed my eyes toward the pending sunrise. The first beams of light shone bright over the edge of how far you could see. I turned to look at the beautiful young cat I followed all night, but she was gone. Gone too, were the proud cats that stood countless, giving the message that this was right, and they all knew it. But they were gone, all gone, and I didn’t know where to find them. 

I turned around, feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my back. I set a path for the house, depleted and increasingly thirsty. I kept my eyes tightly peeled for the previous night’s mysterious seductress. Sadly, I reached the house without so much as a glimpse of her unmatchable beauty. I climbed the stairs on the porch, finding a sleeping stranger clutching his empty cup. He must have fallen asleep with a full drink and spilled it on himself. I crept around him and through the door, left open by the last to pass through it. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the house was the wretched smell. It was rotten, and it made me feel sick. I went to look for my food and water bowl in their usual spot. I found them there, but not nearly in the condition that I had hoped to find them. There was some unidentifiable discharge floating in my water bowl, and the food was gone. I decided to pass on my usual water and instead made my way into the kitchen to do some more investigating.

The metal fountain was knocked on its side, next to a puddle of who-knows. There was a fresh hole in the wall, the sink was running, and the fridge was wide open. I hopped up on the counter and made my way over to sip some water from the sink. After clearing the parched desert land from my mouth, I jumped off the counter and went to check out my favorite room, the one with the couch and the view. The one where they blew clouds from the brown stick at me. The floor was a mess of empty cups and covered in a layer of dirt, making it slippery for my paws, but I made it to the couch.

I curled up in the best spot, with the best view, and spent the rest of the day staring out the window. I could only hope to catch another glimpse of the dream creature that I met in the long hallway the night before. I directed my gaze toward the trees out the window, trying to make some sense of the previous night’s events. Maybe some things are just too bizarre to be understood.