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The Local Crowd

Picture your favorite bar in whatever town you go to college in on a typical weekend night. Think about the crowd of people, what's generally going on. To you, this is just the normal scene at this place.

Now put yourself in the place of the people who work there. During a semester in school, the crowd is all college kids trying to get wasted and have a sick time. During the summer or winter break, the crowd of people is all locals. Imagine how weird that would be for a worker. One day its college kids, then break comes, the next day it's the local kids who are home on break from school.

It's probably a completely different environment. The local kids all know eachother, and all being from the same area causes them to act similarly, talk similarly, and dress similarly. The diversity's gone, and the crowd is no longer a bunch of college kids who don't know anyone besides the little group they showed up with. It's probably so much chiller.

School resumes and the crowd is back to the raging crowd of wasted college kids. It's like there's little lows in the excitement of a bartenders life; which I'm absolutely positive would be enjoyable. Instead of dealing with belligerently drunk kids who can't even form sentences, you're dealing with a much smaller crowd of people who are tight knit, old friends, and just catching up on times passed.

Of course some of the locals are also trying to get super wasted; they are just the college kids of another place. The fact that they are all long time friends just changes a lot about the bar scene during breaks.

This doesn't even just apply to bars, that was just one example. You can think of this from the perspective of anybody working at any business in a town containing a college.

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