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Battle Ball

I know inducing physical harm on your friends isn't everyone's idea of fun, but it is when you hang out with my friends. My friend Alex just moved into a new house, it's huge. The basement is his own personal apartment, and there's a racquetball court down there. Yes, a full sized racquetball court. Not to mention four doors right next to each other, each one contains a room with a shower.

Lately me and my friends have just been going to Alex's house when there's nothing to do and just getting absolutely wasted. This usually consists of making drinking games out of racquetball. One of them consisted of two people with rackets serving two balls to the rest of us, who had to fight each other for the ball. Whoever gets the ball serves next and doesn't drink. Everyone else drinks.

Once we are sufficiently drunk, we play Battle Ball. This game is pretty crazy. You divide up into teams, even amounts of players on each side. There are balls all over the court, and you can't cross the line in the middle. Pick up a ball, hit it as hard as you can at the other team. The object of the game is to cause pain to the other team. Waking up with welts is normal after a night at Alex's. So is waking up extremely hungover.

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