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People At Court Are Not Chill

I got a ticket for drinking in Charleston in early October. There was an undercover cop at this bar on King St. and he came up to me and my friend, flashed his badge and took us outside. The part that pissed me off the most was the fact that we were just sitting at a booth sipping drinks; not causing any problems.

I was given a court date; which was 11am yesterday. The court is a half hour walk from my dorm building, it was nice out, so I was walking it. I grabbed my ipod and left. Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon got me through the walk. I got to court with about five minutes to spare and walked inside.

This is where the "Not Chill" part comes in. The cops told me to empty my pockets out into the bins in front of me. I took out my phone, ipod, wallet, and keys and put them in the bin.

"You can't bring in the plugs. Go put them in your car."

"I walked"

"You gotta find somewhere to put them."

"Can one of you hold them for me?"


"Is there somewhere I can leave them?"

"I don't know."

They were giving me attitudes and stuff. How was I supposed to know that I couldn't bring an iPod with me?

I walked into the DMV, (it was in the same building) and asked the lady at the desk if I could put my iPod there. They told me they couldn't be responsible for it and that I had to find somewhere else to put it.

I asked the cop outside, on security duty if he could hold it for me. I was getting pretty desperate at this point, it was five past 11. He said no.

Walked inside, asked the two cops again, they blew me off and gave me bad attitudes. One of them even started to get aggressive towards me. 

As time kept going I got the idea to just hide my iPod in the bushes outside the building. I gave my iPod a little good-bye, (just in case) and put it in the bushes.

I walked back inside, and the cops were all suspicious of me, they did an extremely thorough metal detector scan and gave me a look that said "I know you have that iPod". I was about fifteen minutes late to court; walking in halfway through the little speech explaining what I even had to do.

After they let me out, my iPod was still there. Some people who noticed me take the iPod out of the bushes were laughing, some of them even noticed the cops giving me their crap at the beginning too.

Many cops don't really give a damn about your problems, and sit there on their pedestal of power. I bet they even secretly laugh at your sorry situation. And what's even more backwards is that some people have connections to the judges and can get their cases erased as if it never happened, and not even have to go to court.

And that's an example of corruption in the government.

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  1. hahahah i can totally picture you running around asking people to hold onto ur ipod and shit

  2. ur a pretty good writer... ur friends tho idk

  3. You never know what one might in the bush,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,