Tall Kitchen Bag - WSBF Live Sessions (Full Performance)

Tall Kitchen Bag is the next band in the Makeout Reef lineup to get the WSBF treatment. They played a full arsenal of jazzy tunes, most of which you would have only heard if you've seen them perform live in the past, because they have yet to release any sort of compilation of songs, just a lone single "Sobchak's Companion" of which they played a striking rendition here. Between songs Brady hits them with some interview questions and we got to learn a little fun fact about Jesse's guitar, a 1966 Silvertone that his Grandpa bought new from a Sears catalog back in the day, coincidentally to be played on his own radio show. We also get a little background on the seemingly random choice of a band name (it really was random). Stream the full session below.

Tall Kitchen Bag - WSBF Live Sessions (Full Performance)

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