Modest Mouse - Live Acoustic Set In Front Of Coffee Shop (September 2001)

Modest Mouse - Full Acoustic Set At Aurora Coffee (September 2001)

Here's an old school performance from Modest Mouse. The video's title says it's in front of a record store, but really they played in front of a Aurora Coffee in Atlanta. The recording isn't exactly the best, but it's awesome to see these guys so young. When I first started watching, I thought Issac Brock had long hair, but then about halfway though he takes off the wig. If Modest Mouse tried to pull something like this today, it would probably result in city-wide riots.

1. "Paper Thin Walls"
2. "3rd Planet"
3. "Trailer Trash"
4. "Lives"
5. "Diggin' Holes In The Water"
6. "I Came As A Rat"

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