Watch Beach Tiger with WSBF Live Sessions

For their newest installment, WSBF brings in Beach Tiger from Charleston for a quick session. Along with laying down a few tracks, the band discusses their origins with WSBF's Wesley Heaton. We learn that Beach Tiger met and formed while attending school at Clemson University, but for the most part kept their talents to themselves during school, rarely playing shows and instead making records at home in their spare time. I'd like to hear some of those records, but I think someone said one time that you can't always get what you want (hey Beach Tiger, send 'em over!).

Since moving to Charleston the band has picked up quite a bit of steam, playing shows all over town (but never giving blood). They've only released a handful of songs, but their brand of indie pop continues to bring the fans back for more, and if you've seen them live, you'll understand why. Their sound is diverse and spans across many genres, but there's one common thread that can be found in each and every song that Beach Tiger plays: Jimmy Buffet. See for yourself below.


"When You're Lying There"
"Just Woke Up"
"Dead of Night"
"Mind Make"


Watch Youngster with B-Side Sessions

Youngster first appeared on the scene back in 2015 with a debut EP called Extended Play, which was recorded by Wolfgang Zimmerman. The band's core members Blake Ratliffe and Dan Truncellito were living in Florence at the time, but were thrilled to find that their music was being listened to all across the state, most notably in Charleston and Columbia. With this they decided to make the move from Florence to Charleston so they could reach a larger audience on a more direct level, as well as get involved in the rapidly budding music scene.

When they made the move to Charleston they naturally started hanging out at The Royal American, where Matt Zuttell of Human Resources serves as sound engineer. Blake and Matt became fast friends and got to talking about potentially making music together. Matt signed the band to Coast Records and they got started working on an album called Rosa's Cantina, which they hope to finish and release this winter.

A few weeks back Youngster ventured down to Truphonic Studios with Taylor Hickman from B-Side Sessions and recorded a four-song live session with the help of Matt Zuttell on drums, Aaron Utterback on bass (Human Resources, Brave Baby), and the infamous Danny Martin from 2 Slices on keys. The sessions were split into two parts, the first of which was released earlier this week via Post & Courier's Charleston Scene. In this session Youngster play "Every Night" and "Gato", two songs that will be on the upcoming album. Stream it below.


SUSTO Stories Episode 8: Diamond's Icaro

SUSTO is back with another video from their stripped-down live series that we've all come to know and love. At least I have. For this installment of the SUSTO Stories, Justin and Marshall play "Diamond's Icaro" off & I'm Fine Today, which I just found out was written by Marshall. Marshall explains that the song is about coming to terms with the idea of dying in a way that doesn't cause existential dread, but instead gives one a sense of peace. They recorded the video at the office headquarters of Wolfgang Zimmerman's Rialto Row.

I'm really looking forward to hearing this one (and all the others) live with the full band next month in The Royal American parking lot, where SUSTO will make their homecoming after almost a year of non-stop touring. The show is October 21st and SUSTO will be joined by Esmé Patterson and local hip-hop artist Matt Monday. Get your tickets here. Despite the homecoming, the band isn't ready to take a break from touring quite yet, as they have dates scheduled through the entire fall and into the winter. Stream the SUSTO Stories "Diamond's Icaro" video below.


Daddy's Beemer Releases Video for "TV Lied to Me"

Jackson Wise from Apricot Blush makes another Daddy's Beemer music video appearance in the newly-revealed "TV Lied to Me" video. The song is the first track off the band's self-titled debut EP, which has been in circulation since May and along with their killer live sets has helped the Beems to gain some serious traction in the South Carolina music scene. All signs point to this traction continuing to increase in the future, especially with the Pablo Collective in place as a support system (big event for them happening soon).

In the "TV Lied to Me" video we see that Wise has moved on from the drugged-out romance featured in "Rain Dance" to a much healthier love affair with a thrifted television. The relationship almost falls apart when the television goes cold on him, turning itself off to his advances and sending him into a state of ice cream-eating desperation. Thankfully for both us and Mr. Wise, his love interest warms back up to him and their relationship returns, better than ever.

Congratulations to Jackson Wise and his Television on their rekindled love affair, and to Daddy's Beemer for yet another cool video. Special shoutout to Wesley Heaton for successfully writing and directing a music video that serves as the perfect continuation to the chronicles featured in "Rain Dance", whether or not it was intentionally done (I'm betting it was). Cheers to many more.

Daddy's Beemer has a show coming up in Charleston on October 20th, supporting SondorBlue at their EP release show at the Music Farm. Tickets here. Stream the "TV Lied to Me" video below.

Matt Monday Releases "You Know Who" Music Video

Local hip-hop frontrunner Matt Monday recently released a music video for his newest single "You Know Who" with a feature on Vibe and Okayplayer. The single was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Sonny Digital. "You Know Who" is the lead single off his upcoming album Candy Paint Playground, for which an announcement will be made in the near future.

Sonny Digital's production is sprinkled throughout the record, and I'm thinking a breakout from Monday will be entirely possible with its release. He's been getting some attention from industry veterans, and a feature on Vibe is a pretty big deal. The word about Charleston's very own Matt Monday is gradually being spread around, and if Candy Paint Playground hits on the right notes, I'm sure it will boost him to the brink of national recognition.

Matt Monday will open for SUSTO and Esmé Patterson in The Royal American Parking Lot on 10/21.


Second Annual Peace Jam Coming to Music Farm

Branch of Peace is a dual-coast organization that seeks to cultivate a peaceful society through four pillars of action: Public Education, Conflict Resolution, Public Policy, and Environmental Sustainability. It's all about creating harmony amongst the people and helping to improve public relations on a local, national, and global scale. Last year they linked up with the City of Charleston, and Mayor Tecklenberg signed an document stating that the International Day of Peace will be observed as an official Day of Peace in Charleston.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Branch of Peace Foundation hosted the first annual Peace Jam at the Music Farm. The concert was all about spreading the message of peace that Branch of Peace was founded upon. Performances by Little Bird, Whitehall, The Night Caps, and Del Sur contributed to the success of the first Peace Jam, thereby encouraging the foundation and its partners to host a second Peace Jam this year.

The second annual Peace Jam will take place at the Music Farm on Friday, September 22nd, and will feature performances from Wildisiak, Man-Child, Da' Gullah Rootz, and Whitehall. It will also feature special performances by Taiko Drums and DJ Nathan. Tickets to the 2017 Peace Jam are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Students get in for $5 through the Music Farm box office. Get your tickets here.

Read Tecklenberg's 2016 Peace Day Proclaimation below.