Matt Monday Releases "You Know Who" Music Video

Local hip-hop frontrunner Matt Monday recently released a music video for his newest single "You Know Who" with a feature on Vibe and Okayplayer. The single was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Sonny Digital. "You Know Who" is the lead single off his upcoming album Candy Paint Playground, for which an announcement will be made in the near future.

Sonny Digital's production is sprinkled throughout the record, and I'm thinking a breakout from Monday will be entirely possible with its release. He's been getting some attention from industry veterans, and a feature on Vibe is a pretty big deal. The word about Charleston's very own Matt Monday is gradually being spread around, and if Candy Paint Playground hits on the right notes, I'm sure it will boost him to the brink of national recognition.

Matt Monday will open for SUSTO and Esmé Patterson in The Royal American Parking Lot on 10/21.


Second Annual Peace Jam Coming to Music Farm

Branch of Peace is a dual-coast organization that seeks to cultivate a peaceful society through four pillars of action: Public Education, Conflict Resolution, Public Policy, and Environmental Sustainability. It's all about creating harmony amongst the people and helping to improve public relations on a local, national, and global scale. Last year they linked up with the City of Charleston, and Mayor Tecklenberg signed an document stating that the International Day of Peace will be observed as an official Day of Peace in Charleston.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Branch of Peace Foundation hosted the first annual Peace Jam at the Music Farm. The concert was all about spreading the message of peace that Branch of Peace was founded upon. Performances by Little Bird, Whitehall, The Night Caps, and Del Sur contributed to the success of the first Peace Jam, thereby encouraging the foundation and its partners to host a second Peace Jam this year.

The second annual Peace Jam will take place at the Music Farm on Friday, September 22nd, and will feature performances from Wildisiak, Man-Child, Da' Gullah Rootz, and Whitehall. It will also feature special performances by Taiko Drums and DJ Nathan. Tickets to the 2017 Peace Jam are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Students get in for $5 through the Music Farm box office. Get your tickets here.

Read Tecklenberg's 2016 Peace Day Proclaimation below.

Watch Secret Guest with WSBF Live Sessions

Secret Guest is like a box of chocolates, you always know it's gonna make your dog sick. In case you haven't heard, their new EP Dry Jest rocks. They stepped into the studio with WSBF radio to record a live session that is ripe with the attitude you can only expect from Secret Guest: not giving a damn and playing their instruments like they might die if they stopped. There's also a special guest who steps in with them on the trumpet an extra long rendition of "Let's Hang Out": Daddy's Beemer's own Wesley Heaton. Stream it below. It's almost as awesome as seeing Secret Guest in the flesh (winky face). Stream it below, if you want. You don't have to, though.


"I'm Nothing Blues"
"No Buzz"
"Joker City"
"Faded History"
"Let's Hang Out"


The Artisanals Step Out of Time Machine with Debut EP in Hand

The Artisanals at the Summer Shindig. Photo: Chris Huber

The Artisanals formed in 2016 with former members of SUSTO, Brave Baby, and Tedo Stone (Atlanta), and because of the popularity of those groups, the band had a strong local following right away. The word about The Artisanals was spread on a more national scale this past winter when they went on tour with fellow South Carolina ensemble Band of Horses (more dates together this fall), who have been prominent supporters of Charleston's music scene, most notably SUSTO, who achieved critical acclaim with their sophomore album & I'm Fine Today.

Johnny Delaware left SUSTO just before the release of & I'm Fine Today to form The Artisanals, who have been pulling large crowds for the past year, even without releasing any recorded music other than a demo or two. Delaware has been a strong personality in the local music scene for a while now, though, with his notorious positive attitude and a 2013 solo album that's been in the tape decks of local indie rock fans for many years. The Artisanals is just his newest and biggest project, and probably one that he will pursue for a long time coming.

Today marks the release of The Artisanals' long-awaited debut EP, Literally, Anywhere. The band recorded the EP at the famed Magic Shop Studio back in January. The studio was formerly located in New York and is where David Bowie recorded The Next Day and Blackstar and Arcade Fire recorded The Suburbs. The Magic Shop was relocated to The Magic Barn in Iowa a couple years back, and so The Artisanals made a trip out there with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman to record these songs.

Literally, Anywhere contains four tracks that will eventually be released on a full-length album of the same name. I guess The Artisanals decided it was time to give their fans a taste of their studio work to hold us over until they're ready to show us the rest of what they accomplished at the Magic Barn. What we got is a strong helping of well-thought out songs that all run longer than four minutes, with a definitive old school vibe throughout.

The old school atmosphere isn't just found in their music, either. If you see these guys play live, you'll understand what I'm saying. Johnny Delaware looks like he stepped out of a time machine, and he brought along a bag of psychedelic mushrooms to snack on as he barreled through the years from 1968 to 2017. He grabbed the rest of the band from a field in the middle of nowhere, where they were lying on their backs staring at the sky and watching the clouds melt, handed them guitars and said "Let's go to the future and make some music." And today we have The Artisanals. Stream their debut EP Literally, Anywhere below.


Kidd Aggie Keeps it Chill with New EP

Photo: Kalyn Oyer

You've got the day off and the sun is shining, it's not too hot, and there's a nice breeze coming in off the harbor. Anticipating heavy beach traffic you opt instead for a beach chair on your porch, with an ice cold beer from Freehouse in your left hand and five more in a cooler by your feet. You've got the whole day ahead of you and there's a band you want to see downtown later, so you take it easy, pop on Eat A Peach and waste the hours away until the sun goes down. You don't have much money, but you don't need much for a day like today.

That's pretty much the vibe I get when I listen to Kidd Aggie's new EP, and it's easy to imagine Logan in such an environment when writing these songs. Swap out the stereo for an acoustic guitar and a notepad and you've got the recipe for a Kidd Aggie song. The EP has an old school Charleston vibe, the kind of music you'd listen to between giving carriage tours around Market or through some headphones walking down a cobblestone street in the French Quarter. In fact, I think it would suit to have some outdoor speakers installed in the city market and play this EP on repeat all day long. That would get a ton of people turned on to Kidd Aggie's lowcountry brand of chill rock music.

Logan comes off as a hardworking family man with an old soul. He'd be happy to talk to anyone about anything, especially if you've got a guitar and six pack, but even if you don't, it's cool. Logan goes with the flow. He shares his story through a four-song EP that serves you assure you that as long as you keep your head screwed on straight and keep your goals simple there isn't much that will bother you. Surrounding yourself with friends and family helps, too. Grab your speakers and head outside, plop down in your favorite chair and play that Kidd Aggie EP. Stream it below.


Listen to this Playlist During a Hurricane

Looks like Charleston really dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irma heading West instead of giving us a direct hit, which is good news for our town but some pretty bad news for our friends in Florida and Georgia. We wish them safety and pleasant vibes whether they decide to evacuate or batten down the hatches and ride it out.

With Extra Chill being a music blog and all, I decided it would be appropriate to gather a collection of songs to listen to during a hurricane. Originally I wanted to just write an article about the top 10 hurricane songs, but I got carried away and ended up making an entire playlist. The playlist is in a hand-picked order and is made to be listened to front-to-back, but you can feel free to shuffle if you so please. I tried to capture the whole spectrum of feelings associated with an approaching hurricane, from the anticipation and anxiety that precedes it, to rockin' out while the hurricane rages around you, to the clearing and sunny skies that follow.

I pulled from a wide variety of genres for this one, from alternative rock to classic rock, to pop and even some punk and emo. Some of my favorites include "Play Crack the Sky" by Brand New, "In Bloom" by Nirvana, "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin, and "It's Rainin' Men" by The Weather Girls. Throw this on and crack open a cold one before you lose power and they aren't so cold anymore.

Be safe everyone. See you on the other side.

Direct link to playlist.