Tyler Boone Releases Video for "Short Skirt, Bare Knees"

This morning, Tyler Boone premiered the music video for his newest single "Short Skirt, Bare Knees" via Charleston Scene. The video was filmed at the See Water house on James Island, and features a kidnapped Tyler Boone (wearing Jyve shirt) being brought to a house party where he is pelted with beer and empty cans and thrown in the dirt. Dries Vandenberg filmed the video, and Paul Chelmis directed it, and it came out great. You may even see some familiar faces in the video, myself included.

"Short Skirt, Bare Knees" has been getting national airplay since the single's June release, and the song has also broken 100,000 plays on Spotify. The music video is in the running for the 2018 Grammy Award category "For Your Consideration". Grab a beer and press play. Take a drink every time Tyler Boone gets abused.


Ballerina Releases Debut Single "I'm a Boy"

After years of playing guitar in his bedroom, Charleston native David Hall decided this past May that he wanted to try recording some music. To do so, he linked up with his friend Luke Fedorko and formed the band now known as Ballerina. Over the past few months they have played a handful of shows in Charleston, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville. One notable show in Charleston was the infamous 3 Bogard house show, where the newly-formed Ballerina (just David at the time) opened for Heyrocco and The Dumbest Kids in School. The debut single from Ballerina is called "I'm a Boy", and made its way onto the web in September.

David wrote "I'm a Boy" after a long semester of mental anguish, during which he battled the inner demons of his own gender and sexuality. These internal struggles left him feeling drained, but Hall can at least say that he is happier now that he's got himself mostly sorted out. "I'm a Boy" speaks almost directly to the issues he faced, as well as to some of the lingering anxieties that still hang around and haunt him, but the song approaches these issues with a mask of laid-back indie pop that makes for easy listening.

The simplicity of "I'm a Boy" can be attributed to David's view on music and art in general. Here's what he had to say in that regard:

I feel very strongly that all art should say something whether towards the medium itself or something larger. Too often I feel like rock music these days tends to spin its own wheels in this regard. To me, great pop music is about complex ideas in simple packages.

Listen to David's embodiment of his musical philosophy below.


The Pablo Generation Releases First Sampler

the pablo generation

After a successful Pablopalooza this past Friday, The Pablo Generation follows up the strong weekend with a sampler, which officially releases tomorrow. The sampler includes new music from seven different Pablo artists, including Daddy's Beemer, Wallpaper, Tom Angst, J.S. Terry, Apricot Blush, Beach (Bleach) Bug, and Prozac Dreams. The music spans a wide range of sounds from folk to punk, giving us a satisfying taste of what these bands are all about.

Daddy's Beemer kicks it off with "Terry's Song", teeming with that wound-up guitar sound with which they've made a name for themselves. Then the tempo slows down a bit with a couple of laid-back folk crooners from Wallpaper, and a lo-fi Tom Angst track filled with melancholic contemplation. J.S. Terry comes in next with a two-part folk song that begs you to lie down in a field holding hands with your favorite psychedelic companion and watch the sky turn gray with the setting sun. Try not to drool, but if you do, that's okay because the flowers will take all the water they can get.

Apricot Blush ramps it up again with Jackson Wise testing the outer limits of his vocal cords, backed by acoustic guitars and trumpets on "Childbirth, Counting" and "I Can See Your Bones". The dude's got a knack for capturing emotions that lurk beneath the surface, leaving their evidence on Apricot Blush recordings. I'd imagine that when he walks out of the studio he feels a calm for about half an hour before another wave of anxious tension hits him and he's just got to get home and write another song. I'd also be willing to bet he sings in the shower, and his upstairs neighbors probably put their ears to the floor to hear it better.

If a blown-out sound is your thing, then the last four tracks on the Pablo Sampler will certainly tickle your eardrums. Beach Bug, or Bleach Bug, probably needs new guitar amps after recording these two tracks. It's clear that they turned the volume way up before tracking guitar here, and if you've read anything I've written about Secret Guest, you'll know that's exactly the way I like it. Then they probably passed off the blown-out amps to Prozac Dreams, who also found a microphone on the side of the road to close out the sampler with two punk songs that will send you about your day with a kick to your step and a chip smeared off your shoulder.

Since this one has been dubbed Volume 1, I think it's safe to assume that the Pablo artists will be coming together for more samplers like this in the future. Pour yourself a tall glass of espresso, and throw in a shot of whiskey while you're at it, because The Pablo Sampler is here. Stream it below.


2 Slices Bring the Heat to Truphonic with B-Side Sessions

A few weeks back I saw 2 Slices live for the first time and it was one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a long while. I already knew they were good, but I didn't really expect the dance party that broke out at the Royal American that night. I have to say, though, frontman Danny Martin was the best dancer in the building. Basically, 2 Slices knows that when people come to their shows, they just want to have a good time, so they simply deliver the goods. The energy in that crowd will keep me coming back for more, and every time they play they'll surely pick up some more passengers on the "2" train.

Now, with this new live session from B-Side Sessions, you can bring the dance party to your living room. I guess you could already do that with their new album Best Believe, which was released last month, but it's always great to have some visuals attached to your dance party. Plus, you get to watch the mastermind himself, Danny Martin jumping around almost like he would on a stage. This shit is just a ton of fun.

Your next chance to see 2 Slices in Charleston is on Wednesday, October 11th at The Commodore, where they will be joined by The Mobros. More info here.

Fuck the haters, 2 Slice for life.


Chris Wilcox Releases Music Video for "Drive"

This past July, Chris Wilcox released "Drive", the first single from an upcoming album that he's got in the works. He just released the music video for that single, with editing and video production done by Paul Chelmis of Human Resources. The video features footage of Chris driving in the rain, and drinking with his friends (chiller whales, you might say), mixed in with old tapes of Chris and his siblings growing up.

"Drive" and the associated video are a tribute to Chris' late father, Brian Wilcox, who passed away five years ago and is the man behind the camera for much of the old footage you'll see in the video. Chris is a good friend of mine, going back to college days as Charleston's delinquent lacrosse players, and seeing him bear it all in the form of music is a great feeling. When Chris premiered the video, he posted a statement on his Facebook page about what the song means to him. His words are better than anything I'd be able to articulate, so I quoted him below.

"Part of being an artist is putting yourself out there. I haven't done a great job with that, but that will change going forward, and this is just the beginning. This video holds a lot of weight for me, and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did being a part of it. For those who know me personally, you know that 5 years ago I lost my Father. This song speaks to memories I have growing up, from him teaching me to drive to getting in trouble and learning from those experiences. Once he passed, a realization dawned on me; time is constantly taking itself away from us, every minute passed is a minute gone, but not lost. Regardless, life is beautiful, and every day we wake up is a new day full of opportunity that ought to be celebrated. This is for my Dad, Brian Wilcox."

Remember to tell your family and friends you love them, folks. You never know if you'll have another chance.

SUSTO Plays "Waves" for WSBF Live Sessions

A few weeks back, SUSTO played at Radio Room in Greenville with Brother Oliver and Dear Blanca. WSBF came in before the show to record them playing a few songs, and yesterday the first video surfaced. SUSTO plays "Waves", the rockin' single off their sophomore album & I'm Fine Today. In case you haven't gotten your tickets yet, SUSTO will be playing a big old hometown show in The Royal American parking lot on October 21st, with Esmé Patterson and Matt Monday. More info on that show here. Stream "Waves" live at Radio Room below, and watch out for a few more of these popping up in the coming weeks.