Vanity Plates and Hot Showers Release Split Tape

Just in case you needed any more proof that Charleston's DIY scene is alive and well, Vanity Plates and Hot Showers just released this split tape. They recorded this one at The Dumgeon, which you may be familiar with as the basement studio at Scott Dence's place. It's the same Dumgeon where DIY punks DUMB Doctors record all their music, and its becoming a hotspot for local bands to go crank out some low-budget tunes. This Vanity Plates / Hot Showers split is the newest project to be spit out of The Dumgeon.

Both Vanity Plates and Hot Showers have been playing shows around Charleston for a while now without much recorded material to bring home to your family, until now, that is. "WHYDIDUDIE" and "DUI GOD" and the first two songs that Vanity Plates has put out. "Hot" and "Cool" are the first two offerings from Hot Showers, other than their WSBF Live Sessions back in January.

There are some familiar faces in each band, too. Vanity Plates consists of a couple members of Secret Guest, and Hot Showers is boasting some of the Makeout Reef brigade, including members of Del Sur and Camel Blues Band.

Stream that tape below.


Cole Collins to Release New EP and Full-Length Album in 2018

Photo: Jorge Garcia

Last month, Cole Collins played at The Royal American with Beach Tiger and Grace Joyner. In the crowd during Cole's set were Jorge Garcia, whom you may recognize as manager of The High Divers, and Cole's father Marc Collins, among others. Marc and Jorge recorded part of the set and sent it over to Cole, who edited the video and audio down to create this new live video. It's pretty awesome to hear that Cole's father is not only in support of his son's musical ambitions, but also plays a role in helping to further them.

The song featured here is an untitled track that will be on the next Cole Collins album. It's a nice little taste of the music that Cole has been exploring in his world of alternative rock, and a good sign of things to come. Cole says that he plans to release a single in January (not this song), a new EP in the Spring, and a full-length album in the Summer.

Stay tuned, and enjoy.


Watch Rare Creatures with B-Side Sessions

If you've kept up with Stop Light Observations over the past year or so, you might recognize Coleman Sawyer. He played bass with Stop Light since they got their start back in 2011 or so, and stuck with them up until they finished recording their 2016 album Toogoodoo. According to an interview he did with Charleston Scene, Coleman left Stop Light Observations because he was losing sight of what music meant to him, and he just wasn't feeling it anymore. He parted ways with the band on good terms, and then put his musical ambitions on the shelf for several months to pursue other ventures.

That didn't last long, though. Earlier this year Sawyer caught the bug again and picked up his guitar. After playing a solo gig or two, he was right back on the songwriting train and assembled a new band, which for a while didn't have a name. Eventually the new four-piece was dubbed Rare Creatures, and they've been playing shows around town under that moniker for the past six months.

Rare Creatures hasn't finished putting together studio recordings of any of their songs yet, but they have plenty written and ready to roll. They recently linked up with B-Side Sessions to play one of these songs at Fairweather Studio. Check them out playing "Dangerous Indeed" below, and head down to The Royal American tomorrow night to see them live with Myfever and Youngster.

Merry Christmas from SUSTO

Put a little SUSTO in your stocking this Christmas with their new 7" vinyl release that's now available for pre-order. The vinyl will feature three (well, two and a half) new tracks from SUSTO, including "R.I.P. Santa", a cover of "Feliz Navidad", and "Serial Monogamist", which premiered on Amazon Music back in February. "R.I.P Santa" premiered today via Baeble Music, and is streaming exclusively there. "Feliz Navidad" premiered last week on American Songwriter.

Pour some egg nog out for St. Nick.

Pre-order A Casual Christmas here.


Watch Mechanical River Live at The Royal American

A few weeks back, Mechanical River played at The Royal American with The Old Paints and Secret Guest. This little video of Mechanical River performing "The Swamp" was recorded live that night by Gavin Shelton, and today it was uploaded onto the Youtubes. The song comes from their 2017 album Posterity. Stream the video below.

Contour & Del Sur Announce December Tour

Two of Charleston's favorite underground artists are hitting the road together this month for a little tour up the East Coast. Contour and Del Sur will kick off their journey from cold-ish weather to seriously cold weather with a show at Makeout Reef on Monday, December 11th. After that they'll be headed up North and popping in venues along the way to spread the holiday cheer. If you aren't familiar with Makeout Reef; it's a downtown house venue that's home to some of the city's best rising talent. Shoot a message over to Makeout Reef, Contour, or Del Sur on your favorite social media platform for the address.

I'll make that easy for you:

Makeout Reef on Facebook
Contour on Instagram
Del Sur on Instagram

Don't forget to bring a $5 (or more) donation to help fund these lads on tour.

P.S. - in case you missed it, Contour's Softer made #7 on our Top 25 Albums of 2017 list. Check it out here.